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I just found out about this nifty program the other day, and am wondering why more tournaments don't use it. It makes everything so easy, it seems, and then all the participants can check it relatively quickly. So, any thoughts on why it isn't used more?

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i think a lot of high schools just don't know about it yet. it's probably now the most used stats program for college tournaments (a player at stanford created it). when we used it at cav open last year, several coaches and players were really impressed with how detailed our stats reports were, so i think it just hasn't matriculated down yet. it's fabulous though.

you can d/l it here: http://www.stanford.edu/~csewell/sqbs/

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We used it at the Brindlee Mountain tournament this year in Alabama. It was also used at the Athens State University Tournament here in AL back in December.

It's a great program. It can be set to just about any format, and it's VERY easy to use. I really don't know why it hasn't caught on...
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The program works great, but it can be difficult to input all the data if you have 20 or more scoresheets a game. At our tourney, we post updated standings every round or two. This seemed to be a very good method of keeping the teams informed.
I highly recommend this, but make sure all your scorekeepers are scoring the same way, that will make it infinitely easier to input the data.
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Yeah, I completely echo this. We've used SQBS at Illinois for each and every one of our tournaments from the moment it became publically available. It is far and away the best out there (and the easiest to use, too.)
I've also been telling anyone who'll listen to use it in the high school game. Hopefully, it'll catch on with a coach or two; things tend to get infectious from there.


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The only catch with it is that it's almost overpowered for some formats. If you aren't running a straight up tossup/bonus format, it can be difficult to port your format to it (you would be better at this point rolling your own excel spreadsheet). This being said, it is by far the best thing out there (the only thing that comes close, the premacrored excel spreadsheet called Stats99 is really ugly with how many macros there are).

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We here at TJ have been using SQBS for at least the last two years, and probably prior. We use it mainly because it keeps track of individual stats, which it does admirably. The HTML tournament report it creates is also quite useful. If anyone is interested in an example, the report from the JIAT II held this January is available here.
Highly recommended for any tournament with computers accessible. The only caveat is if you are Swiss pairing a tournament as TJ does, you'll need a second computer to keep track of team scores for that purpose.
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