Modern World Tournament - Post-NSC Mirror

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Modern World Tournament - Post-NSC Mirror

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I don't know why this was never posted here (I was under the impression that it was).

It's probably too late for people to change flight arrangements, but if you'll be sticking around after PACE for a while (for whatever reason) and really like current events questions, you might be interested in this.

It's an open tournament, so coaches and chaperones and parents are also welcome to play. The target difficulty is college-medium, so it might not be very fun for someone new to high school quizbowl - but we hope it will be a fun introduction to college-difficulty quizbowl for a more experienced player who enjoys current events questions and is hopefully thinking about continuing quizbowl when they go to college!
Periplus of the Erythraean Sea wrote:I am pleased to announce that PACE has agreed to make the Modern World Tournament its official post-PACE tournament. This tournament will take place on Sunday, 5/25, beginning after the finals and award ceremony, and may run into Memorial Day, depending on how the schedule works out.

For more information about the set, check out this thread - it's being written by members of the Dartmouth team. It's basically a tournament about things that have been important since 1989, with roughly 2/3 of the tournament centering on politics/business/social phenomena and 1/3 on other cultural phenomena (literature, TV, cinema, music, food, fashion, video games, etc). Basically, there will almost certainly be something for everybody in this tournament.

The fee for this tournament will be $5 per player. This money will mostly be used to buy non-traditional prizes for the top few teams; there will still be traditional book prizes for top individual scorers and for the top finishing teams.

People/teams interested in playing should use this sign-up sheet. The field is capped at 16 teams for now, which may be expanded if more rooms become available.

The tournament has been completely written.

The difficulty for this tournament is "regular-plus", i.e. in line with the difficulty Penn Bowl and SUBMIT, harder than DRAGOON, and somewhat harder than Regionals.
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Re: Modern World Tournament - Post-NSC Mirror

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Nick Karas and I are searching for one more teammate for this, so feel free to get in contact with me if you're interested in joining up.

EDIT: And now we're full!
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