Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

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Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

Post by higi1024 »

Bell High School in Ottawa will be Mirroring LIST IV on May 3rd. The first round will begin at 9:00am, so we encourage teams to come by 8:30. The address of the school is 40 Cassidy Road, Nepean, Canada.

Tournament Listing:

LIST is one of the most accessible non-novice sets. Tossups will be powermarked and will range from five to six lines, and bonus parts will be no longer than two lines each. Each packet will consist of 22 pyramidal tossups and 22 3-part bonuses, distributed as follows:

4 History
4 Literature
4 Science
2 Religion & Mythology
1 Math (Non-computational)
0.5 Philosophy (1 tossup or 1 bonus per round)
0.5 Social Science (1 tossup or 1 bonus per round)
1 Art
1 Music
1 Geography
1 Current Events
1 Trash (Pop Culture and Sports)
1 Extra

Pricing for teams is as follows:
$40 for every team
-$10 for a buzzer set

If you would like to participate, please contact Anirudh Agarwal at [email protected]
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Re: Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

Post by Lighthouse Expert Elinor DeWire »

Yeah I'm willing to come and staff this; let me know if you need anything else from me.
Joe Su
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Re: Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

Post by Theodore »

Colonel By will be there with at least 1 team (probably 2-3).
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Re: Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

Post by bsmith »

I have alerted the Ottawa "regulars" and some of the Reach teams. Unfortunately, I have a travel commitment that day and may only be around for delivering a buzzer set and the first few rounds.
Ben Smith
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Re: Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

Post by Mightyrodrigo »

do you need any more staffers?
Rodrigo Morante
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Re: Bell List IV Mirror - May 3rd

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A big thanks to Anirudh and Bell High School for hosting this event. It was a blast to staff, and was very smoothly run. :)
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