2014 Illinois NAQT State Championship Qualification

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2014 Illinois NAQT State Championship Qualification

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The IHSSBCA is pleased to announce the qualification standards for the 2014 Illinois NAQT State Championship. I will be serving as the Qualifications Director this year.

The complete list of standards can be viewed here: Qualification Standards
Teams that have qualified will be maintained in this doc: Teams that have qualified

I will try to update the results of Saturday tournaments shortly after full stats are posted. Conferences and leagues will qualify teams, but I might not be able to find results. Please let me know if I have overlooked conferences and leagues.

The changes from last year are as followed:
  • In order to qualify multiple teams for the NAQT State Championship, all teams must qualify at the same tournament. Last year, we allowed teams from the same school with disjoint rosters qualify. I will not be evaluating rosters this year.
  • JV and Fresh/Soph tournaments no longer qualify teams to NAQT state. Novice tournaments will still qualify the top 10% rounded up.
  • The top small school by NAQT's definition finishing in the top half of the field will qualify for NAQT state. This is a change from using the Class A distinction.

The state championship tournament host will be confirmed by NAQT in the next few weeks. The thread for the tournament with registration information will be posted by the TD shortly thereafter.

If there are any questions regarding qualification, please feel free to ask in this thread or contact me privately.
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