Alberta Quizbowl Tournament III (02-NOV-2013)

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Alberta Quizbowl Tournament III (02-NOV-2013)

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The University of Alberta is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the third ever Alberta Quizbowl Tournament on Saturday, November 2, 2013, at the University of Alberta. This tournament will use an NAQT IS-A set to be determined.


To be determined but likely Tory Building Basement - University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB) like the past two years.
Initial meeting room also to be determined.


There is virtually no free parking on campus, but the University LRT Station is roughly 5 minutes away from the Tory building. There are places that you may find parking including:
-behind HUB mall, on 112th and ~90th.
-in the parking lot on 114th, north of 87th.


$60 - base fee for each team
($50 - base fee for every team that is not the first team from a school. ie. Alberta A pays $60 but Alberta B and C start at $50 each.
-$10 - discount per working set of buzzers (8 functional lights)*
-$10 - travel discount for teams located outside of the immediate Edmonton area**
Minimum fee: $30/team

*This is off the school's total fee.
**This fee, however, is PER team that you send.

Please make cheques (if you choose to pay in this manner) out to the "University of Alberta Quizbowl Team"

Start-time: Please be at the university no later than 9 A.M., as we hope to start ASAP.
End-time: This tournament will last the entire day, with a lunch break in between. We will end no later than 5 P.M., however.
Format: Dependent on field. We will guarantee 8 games for each team. We will also play an advantaged final to determine the winner.

CURRENT FIELD: (8 teams, 8 buzzers)

Webber Academy (5 teams, 5 buzzers)
Bellerose (1 team, 1 buzzer)
Old Scona (2 teams, 2 buzzers)


To register, please send an email to kasic-AT-ualberta-DOT-ca with the number of teams you will be sending, as well as the number of buzzers. You can also register by posting here.

I am also available to answer any questions either here or by e-mail.
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