"Pre-Nationals" Tournaments

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"Pre-Nationals" Tournaments

Post by solonqb »

The Cavalier Open likes to promote itself as being a good preview tournament for Nationals, with a strong, geographically diverse field. I say, more power to them, but for those of us that can't attend, what are some other tournaments that might be considered as such, besides, say Brookwood?
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Post by steven-lamp »

Cav, Brookwood, Walton (maybe), and if Dorman is going to/has already have/had their tournament, that would be a pretty good indicator, as well. Really though, there's not a single tournament that can definitively spell out the scene for nationals...
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Post by jewtemplar »

Cav came pretty damn close last year, as I remember, but the massive convergence they had may not be repeated for a while.
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Post by No Sollositing On Premise »

that "massive convergeance" was purely by chance last year. From what I understand, Gov, TJ, and Dorman all decided to attend and several other teams followed suit. Because it was such a fantastic draw last season, we're able to play up the "pre-nationals" vibe for it.
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Post by mps4a_mps4a »

well, i wouldn't say it was totally by chance last year, mike. A member of our team last year thought he could get some of the really good out of state teams for the Cav Classic (our fall tournament). That fell though, but some promising emails from some of those teams made us decide to try to make the Cav Open, our new Spring tournament we had recently decided to hold, have a really strong field. The "pre-Nationals" moniker came about, I believe, by some of the posts and polls on this board (I seem to remember Matt W starting a poll), which we happily adopted.
Now that I'm thinking about it, that may be why we decided to use NAQT questions: to play up on the pre-Nationals vibe.

This year, we are trying to keep it up, and the few teams that have already emailed me back make it seem fairly promising (TJ's potential problems not withstanding). I guess we'll have to see in the next few years if it stays on as a "pre-Nationals tournament" or not.

For what it's worth, my ideas about trying to make a big, really strong field came from looking at the field at Brockwood and Vandy. We've done a packet swap with Vandy for the last few years, and they always have huge fields, and if they're not a "pre-Nationals" tournament, their tournament seemed like a way to judge the top Southeast contigent.
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Post by vandyhawk »

We tend to have a larger field primarily from the Southeast in the fall, and a slightly smaller one in the spring but with some more geographic diversity. Not really sure why that is...scheduling gets harder every year. I don't know that any non-nationals tournament can really attract teams from a wide enough area to be a "pre-national" one, but I hope we can maintain our quality fields twice a year and continue to get some teams from out of the region to venture over. I think I posted this earlier, but we have settled on April 16 for the spring tourney, and we'll get an announcement out sometime soon.