2013 Benjamin Cooper Award Recipients

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2013 Benjamin Cooper Award Recipients

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PACE is pleased to announce the recipients of this year's Cooper Awards:

The recipient of the Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award is Max Schindler of Ladue High School.

The co-recipients of the Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award are Chris Chiego and Dwight Wynne.

Congratulations to Max, Chris, and Dwight!
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Re: 2013 Benjamin Cooper Award Recipients

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Congratulations to all of the winners. We miss you, Dwight!
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Re: 2013 Benjamin Cooper Award Recipients

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Corry wrote:Congratulations to all of the winners. We miss you, Dwight!
Ditto to that. Now that we've taken up much of Chris' and Dwight's work in outreach and maintaining/expanding the high school circuit, I've come to appreciate just how annoying their jobs were (with only two of them for all of SoCal, no less) and the sheer amount of dedication and effort they poured into quiz bowl for so many years.
Jason Cheng
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Re: 2013 Benjamin Cooper Award Recipients

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Since I will unfortunately not be able to be at the NSC this year, I will make my appreciatory acceptance remarks here online.

First, all credit to Dwight for setting up a successful framework for the outreach effort. Before he got sidetracked with 'real world' work (as I am now), Dwight's quizbowl work paved the way in keeping alive a functioning SoCal circuit, especially in the isolated OC outposts, and in maintaining a presence online for new players to flock to discuss. The enormously successful SoCalQB website came solely from him and he's borne the cost of keeping it maintained and upgraded. He also selflessly drove down with other UCIers several times to help us staff some of our larger early tournaments at UCSD. Plus, his post on the top 10 scandals in SoCal Quizbowl history is one of the greatest ever on this forum and a terrific piece of regional flavor.

There are too many others who deserve thanks for the SoCal outreach effort to name individually, but I'm pleased at just how many quizbowl players and coaches have acted as ambassadors for the game and worked to leverage their contacts to get new people drawn into the game. Even without much of an alumni or college base, we've built up a circuit that can attract and handle large field sizes.

I am confident that there will soon be big, positive changes coming to San Diego's Academic League through the efforts of coaches and players who have realized the benefits of good quizbowl. There is some entrenched resistance to change, but not nearly as much as people imagine. Good quizbowl is such a quality product that, properly presented, it speaks for itself.

As far as the rest of the country goes, I want to emphasize that in-person outreach works. You have to contact people in person and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the game that way rather than just rely on emails and mailings. Not every lead will turn out to be a roaring success, but the more you put quizbowl out there the more opportunities you create to make a real connection. Drop fees for new teams to a pittance and get people in the doors of tournaments (ideally after sharing with them all the QB resources you can, of course). Create relationships with coaches and players and treat all new teams as potential long-term customers.

Good quizbowl has made great progress in many areas in the last few years, but the gains are still fragile and there are many places that have backslid (Arkansas in particular). The good news is that where there are bad QB teams, there are still QB teams that can be targeted with careful outreach. I hope that the national quizbowl organizations of NAQT and PACE can help cultivate more grassroots regional organizations to spearhead the outreach effort to the forlorn QB deserts as well as the last bastions of chipbowl, aukbowl, and other permutations of bad QB.

I appreciate the members of PACE for recognizing us with this award and I hope this encourages more people in other areas to get serious about organizing outreach.
Chris C.
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