Timed Rounds

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Timed Rounds

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So our team's first experience with timed rounds is coming in less than a month. How does a team adjust its game to account for the fact that rounds are timed? The only thing I can immediately think of is the difference between waiting and not waiting on bonuses. Are there any other adjustment that teams should make to accommodate for the difference?
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Re: Timed Rounds

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I've heard that in slow moderator desperate situations, vulching early can be necessary, but then again, my first timed experience (same as yours, I assume) will be at NAQT state.

EDIT: also, there was viewtopic.php?f=117&t=13351 <----- the clock theory thread, which while not answering the question of this thread, could maybe be helpful.
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Re: Timed Rounds

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Basically, you don't want to change your game so much that you are focused on the clock. There is a point margin where your lead is real but not overwhelming (between about 50-200 points) where you want to play the clock. If you have a lead, you want to take time, so don't answer bonuses until the moderator prompts you, don't answer rebounds until a second or two after the question is finished, and pause a second after being recognized to answer tossups. If you are behind, you want to move quickly, so it's OK to vulch rebounds and rush a bit on bonuses, as long as you are sure you know the answer.

If doing those things makes you confused, causes you to lose focus, or leads to teammates yelling at each other, then don't worry about them. To a large extent, it is good to play the game the way you are comfortable playing it. As always, your focus should be on answering questions.
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