25th Annual Brookwood Invitational Scholars Bowl November 17

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25th Annual Brookwood Invitational Scholars Bowl November 17

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Your school is invited to enter a team or teams in the TWENTY-FIFTH ANNUAL BROOKWOOD INVITATIONAL SCHOLARS BOWL to be held on the campus of Brookwood High School in Snellville, GA, in the northeastern suburbs of Atlanta. The BISB is an annual competition of academic quiz teams sponsored by the Brookwood Academic Team Program. 84 teams representing 53 high schools from 5 states participated in the November 2011 BISB in what has become the largest academic quiz bowl hosted by one high school in the nation.

The tentative tournament format features each team playing 5 preliminary matches without byes. The Tournament Director will arrange each team’s schedule of matches. After the completion of the 5 preliminary matches, a single elimination playoff (that includes most teams) will determine the top 8 finishers who will win trophies and other prizes.

The match format for 2012 is as follows: Part One – 8 tossups, Part Two – Give and Takes (4), and Part Three – 8 tossups with 3-part bonuses. The BISB will continue its tradition of having exclusively academic questions with social studies, literature, and science questions comprising 75% of the total and the remaining percentage of questions being split between mathematics, fine arts, and RMP (religion, myth, philosophy).

The entry fee per team is $75 per team. Should you not be able to attend the 2012 BISB, you may order a set of the preliminary rounds questions by completing the accompanying registration form and mailing it with a check for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. Those questions will be mailed to you on December 1st. All schools who enter teams in the tournament will receive a FREE copy of the prelim questions.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Tournament Director Erin Payne at school (770-736-2145) or on her cell (404-428-4017) or at [email protected].
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Re: 25th Annual Brookwood Invitational Scholars Bowl November 17

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How'd this go?
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Re: 25th Annual Brookwood Invitational Scholars Bowl November 17

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ngr17 wrote:How'd this go?
Top 4 were:
1. Dorman A
2. Walton
3. Dorman B
4. Hooch A
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