Final Results

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Final Results

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The final standings for Wildcat are as follows:

1. St. Andrews'
2. New Trier A
3. Stevenson A
4. Culver A
5. Stevenson B
6. Marist
7. Marian Central A
8. Naperville North
9. Maine East
10. Lisle
11. New Trier B
12. Marian Central B
13. Downers Grove North
14. Marian Central C
15. Loyola
16. Culver B

Top Scorers:
1. Jordan of Stevenson
2. Cliff of New Trier
3. Erin of Maine East
4. Greg of New Trier
5. Shauna of Lisle
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I got the stats in an Excel file via e-mail a little while ago and I think it showed Stevenson A as the 2nd place team and Marist as the 5th place team.