Brush Invitational ( 3/10/12) Lyndhurst, Ohio

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Brush Invitational ( 3/10/12) Lyndhurst, Ohio

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Not sure what happened to my last message but here we go :)

Tournament is NAQT IS 115 question set.
This is a Tossup-Bonus format tournament
We will follow all NAQT Tournament rules.

The fee structure is as follows:
1st team $70, 2nd team or more $50 each.
Buzzer discount is $5 for working buzzer systems ( $20 maximum discount). If you bring more than one team, you can take the discount for more than one set of buzzers.
If you bring more than two teams, you MUST bring a reader!
My team will serve as readers/scorekeepers unless needed to fill brackets.
We will have a JV bracket if there is enough interest.

Registration deadline is Monday March 5, 2012. Registration is complete once payment is made. Please email your intent to participate as soon as possible to [email protected] or [email protected] , this enables us to adequately plan the proper number of rooms, readers, and lunches for the tournament. I understand that school PO’s take time to process. Please let me know if it is more convenient, you can bring the payment the day of the tournament. If a phone number is needed for your purchase order please use 216-337-7827, this is my extension at school.

There won’t be time to leave for lunch. We will provide a pizza lunch with pizza, chips, drink(pop or bottled water), and apple for $5. There will be additional snacks available as well. If you leave, play resumes and you are not back, you will forfeit missed questions/match.

Registration will be 8:00-8:30am, with a readers meeting at 8:30 and a team meeting at 8:45. We hope to begin play by 9:00am.

Trophies for the winners

There is plenty of parking for buses in one of our three school lots. Please use the front entrance of the school on Glenlyn Road.

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Re: Brush Invitational ( 3/10/12) Lyndhurst, Ohio

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Re: Brush Invitational ( 3/10/12) Lyndhurst, Ohio

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1. Hawken (10-0)
2. Warren G. Harding (8-2, won tiebreaker half packet)
3. Beachwood (8-2, lost tiebreaker half packet)

Beyond this, I believe Solon and Copley tied for 4th and Firestone got 6th.

Michael Coates (Warren G. Harding) was top scorer followed by Scott Remer (Beachwood).
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Re: Brush Invitational ( 3/10/12) Lyndhurst, Ohio

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can you send the results to NAQT so that they may be posted on the website? results database also works.

Thanks - it was a great tournament. very well run. I hope that you continue to host such tournaments in the future.

~ Eric
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Re: Brush Invitational ( 3/10/12) Lyndhurst, Ohio

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