Northwestern Wildcat Tournament Oct 30

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Northwestern Wildcat Tournament Oct 30

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Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Colby Burnett, the current President of Northwestern University’s Quiz Bowl team. We are hosting our annual National Academic Quiz Tournaments (NAQT)-formatted tournament, the Wildcat Invitational. The date will be Saturday, October 30. I will e-mail all interested parties with specific times and schedules for competition. The invite has been switched over from letter to e-mail format. Our rationale for this is that this method is more direct. Also, I believe that this is a cost-saving measure for both parties. I will be honest with you: we simply cannot afford the cost of a mailing at this time. So, please RSVP me if you are willing to go.


The tournament will be held on the Evanston, IL campus of Northwestern University, with competition occurring in Harris, Kresge, and University Halls.

Teams will consist of four players each. The rounds themselves will be untimed. All other NAQT rules will be in effect. The tournament will be in a round-robin format, with the top 5 teams competing in a mini-round robin to determine the final winner. I believe this to be a fairer and more decisive method of determining a winner. Brackets, if necessary, will be determined by the amount of teams that respond. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of ten rounds of competition.

A full listing of the rules may be found here:

Please respond to me as soon as possible with any comments or concerns you may have.
An invoice file is attached, along with links to a map of Northwestern’s campus and a restaurant guide. Please enjoy. Also, please feel free in forwarding this to any school with or league in which you compete.

Northwestern Campus:
Restaurant Guide:

Colby V. Burnett
President, Northwestern Quiz Bowl

Northwestern University Quiz Bowl – 2004 Wildcat Invitational Invoice

October 30, 2004

Base Fee: $80 _______________

Additional Team(s): $65 (x __) _______________

Buzzer system(s) -$5 (max. discount of $10) _______________

Early Registration (before October 3, 2004) -$5 _______________

Total _____________

Paid for by (cash) (check)
Make out all checks to
Intermural Quiz Bowl

Care of:
Colby V. Burnett
626 Emerson St. #32
Evanston, IL 60201


Colby V. Burnett
President, Northwestern Quiz Bowl Team
[email protected]
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