High school packet archive project

Dormant threads from the high school sections are preserved here.
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Matt Weiner
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High school packet archive project

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I am in the process of adding an archive of free high school packets to this site. If you have any packets that you may distribute, please send them to [email protected] . I hope to get an early version of the archive up within a week or so.

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Stained Diviner
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Any luck so far?

EDIT: My questions are at http://nths.newtrier.k12.il.us/activiti ... scobo.html
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http://www.parkview.net/mainmenu/extra_ ... rsbowl.htm

21 round of questions from 2000 and 2001.
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First Chairman
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Actually I have some packets already at the Yahoogroup hsqbnet as well. Anyone who is a member (preferably coaches or team leaders so we can maintain some question security) can access those files.

Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hsqbnet/ .
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