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PACE Coaches Advisory Board

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:57 pm
by Romero
There were many coaches who were dismayed by the logistics of the 2011 NSC. There are many coaches, including myself, who are unsure if we will return to the NSC given what transpired. What's done is done. We must move on with an eye towards a much better 2012 NSC.

There are a number of smart, well-meaning people who are a part of PACE, but I believe that the group needs a reality check. Many coaches with whom I talked knew the format was a bad idea. The PACE folks need advice from the group with the most experience. They need advice from a coaches advisory board. How much better could the 2011 NSC have been had the cabal--and I do not use that term without acknowledging its history-- gotten a reality check heading into the event from a group that might have included (and these are just a few coaches whose opinions I personally respect) Mr. Huff, Mr. Flowers, or Mr. Reinstein? It is very possible we could have avoided some of the pitfalls that plagued the 2011 NSC.

I suggest that this group be selected based on geographic diversity; most (if not all) quiz bowl regions should be represented. I suggest that this group be comprised of coaches with multiple years experience. I suggest that coaches who are interested in this advisory board volunteer. I believe this is the best way in which we as coaches can help ensure a better 2012 NSC for our students.

Re: PACE Coaches Advisory Board

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 4:01 pm
by millionwaves
This is currently the topic of internal discussion by PACE, although our primary focus remains diagnosing the problems from this year's NSC and identifying solutions that we can carry forward to next year.

Some ambiguity has arisen as to what specific functions this group would serve under the umbrella of "advice." Can you clarify?