Right Triangle Open - information

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Right Triangle Open - information

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A number of people have asked me about the tournament since I announced the rescheduling. It is listed in the tournament calendar, but here's a brief:

4-part matches:
Part I - a category round with directed questions, consultation allowed (one q to each team, then one tossup)
Part II - Lightning - +10 right, -5 wrong.
Part III - Worksheet - 20q, may be themed
Part IV - Pyramid tossup/bonus

The questions are homegrown and good. Last year's set is available for $10 (9 rounds=675 questions, and we've already found all the mistakes...) if you want to check.

October 23, moved to accommodate all the 10/2 tournaments. Yes, there's an ACT admin that day, but what can you do?

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