Joint enrollment programs

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Joint enrollment programs

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How are joint enrollment programs treated for quiz bowl purposes in your state organizations/ state championship tournaments? These are junior and senior students from various schools enrolled in a special college program. Do they compete in state tournaments as a unit or do players have to play with home high school?
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Re: Joint enrollment programs

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We have a program that sounds similar to what you're discussing here in Kentucky, the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science which is located on the campus of Western Kentucky University. It draws 11th and 12th grade students from schools all across the state for a dual-enrollment program where they concurrently earn their high school diploma and 60 hours of college credit from WKU. For the purposes of academic competition, the state organization KAAC allows players to play for their home high school. There is no team for the Gatton Academy itself.

I don't know how similar the program you're talking about is to the one we have in Kentucky. Could you provide some information (a website link, general info that you know yourself, etc.) about the program in question?
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