NT & PORTA Scobol Solo 11/20/10

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Re: NT & PORTA Scobol Solo 11/20/10

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I think I speak for Reinstein in saying that we would appreciate feedback on this set's questions, particularly questions other than the third tiebreakers. I didn't write very many questions, but I did do a significant amount of editing.

The questions I wrote from scratch or edited to the point of near-complete rewriting were as follows:
Round 1: independence, hyperbolic geometry
Round 2: Archimedes
Round 3: convergence, Faraday, possibly topological closure (I honestly don't remember)
Round 4: (none)
Round 5: matrices
Round 6: orthogonality, integration
Round 7: ferromagnets, modular arithmetic
Round 8: Robert Hooke, Purim
Round 9: Tom Stoppard
Round 10: (none)
Round 11: Louis Sullivan
Round 12: (none)
Round 13: dimension
Round 14: (none)
Replacements: gravity
Finals 1: (none)
Finals 2: Poisson distribution
Finals 3: groups
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Re: NT & PORTA Scobol Solo 11/20/10

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Westwon wrote:I don't have the details from PORTA, but it was won by a student from Chatham Glenwood, with a Greenville student finishing 2nd, and two Springfield students finishing 3rd and 4th. They had 40 students.
I spent Sunday decompressing and apologize for not having stats out yet. PORTA results are coming.

Aaron Siebrass of Chatham Glenwood was 1st, Peter Huston from Greenville 2nd, Marlana Jackson, Paul Liu from Springfield were 3rd and 4th respectively.
Eliminated after Question 40 were Austin Wilson (Auburn High), Matt Crigman Champaign Central), Brittany Trang (Peoria Christian), Elliot Campos (Champaign Centennial), Chris Olsen (Champaign Centennial), Justin Brooks (PORTA).

Individual round results to follow, and maybe even conversions.
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