PACE NSC 2019 Rules Changes

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PACE NSC 2019 Rules Changes

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Effective May 15, 2019, PACE has made a few important changes in our ruleset. PACE's current gameplay and eligibility rules are available here. The four rules changes are in the gameplay rules, sections A.6.b ("Assistant Coaches"), H.3 ("Lodging Protests"), H.12 ("Protest Resolutions"), and addendum H.X ("Bouncebacks")

In short:
  • Assistant coaches are treated the same as the Head Coach for rules purposes.
  • Players may now lodge protests at the end of regulation, or within one minute of the conclusion of the match.
  • Proper use of replacement questions in upholding protests has been clarified.
  • Replacement bonuses which change the controlling team incorporate the results from the original bonus to bound the number of points each team can score on the replacement bonus.

Any questions about the rules change can be directed here or to me at [email protected].
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Re: PACE NSC 2019 Rules Changes

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A small note on the adjustments to Rule H.3: the change only shifts where & how certain language is used in the rule text for clarity and specificity. There are no substantive changes in applying the rule.

A smaller note on the adjustments to Rule H.12: there are no substantive changes (clarity only) and they are not used at NSC because Addendum HX overrides them. (Their updated text is used as a basis for Addendum HX, however.)
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