ACRONYM 13: Global Announcement

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ACRONYM 13: Global Announcement

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Play Quiz Bowl LLC is pleased to announce the inevitable existence of ACRONYM 13, a new iteration of our flagship question set, which will be ready for mirrors in February 2020. This is a low-difficulty pop culture set, aimed primarily at a high school audience, but with content accessible to college/open fields as well.


There's one minor tweak to this year's distribution, the entirety of which is as follows:

4/4 Movies (2/2 2010-present, 2/2 older)
4/4 "Small Screen" (2/2 TV 2010-present, 1.5/1.5 older TV, .5/.5 Web/Other)
4/4 Music (1/1 each of pop, rock, rap/r&b and other/multi)
4/4 Sports (1/1 each of baseball, football, basketball, and other/multi)
1/1 Games (mostly video games, but some board/card games)
1/1 Trash Lit
2/2 Other/Miscellaneous


ACRONYM 13 will be written by Erik Nelson, Danny Vopava, William Golden, Auroni Gupta, and...possibly you! Play Quiz Bowl is looking to hire experienced writers to contribute to this set and to multiple future projects. If you're interested in writing for PQB, there is additional info on our website.

What's This "Small Screen" Business?

For the last couple of years, we've been considering how the way people consume video/pop culture content has changed, and how to properly reflect those changes in a "trash" distribution. This set will mark our first attempt at doing that - about one question per packet will concern "small screen" topics that aren't "TV" in the traditional sense (think stuff like YouTube and other web-based platforms). There was a decent amount of this sort of content in ACRONYM 12 within the "Miscellaneous" category, but for next year we're integrating it into the erstwhile "TV" distro. The exact nature of this may change a bit, but this is the plan for now.

When Can I Play?

ACRONYM 13 will be available for mirrors in or around mid-February 2020, and will remain available throughout the year. If you'd like to run a pop culture event as part of your season schedule this winter or spring, you can schedule it by contacting Erik Nelson via email at "erik has email", without the spaces, at the mail that Google does.
Erik Nelson
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Re: ACRONYM 13: Global Announcement

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Has a thread been started for team formation for Acronym 13 @ CCCT?
Alan Kreisel. FSCJ.

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