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Sic Semper Trashis III at (Bristol) Virginia High School

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 4:51 pm
by alextabor95
This is the official announcement and invitation for registration for the Southwest Virginia Academic Team Alliance (SWATA) trash tournament fundraiser, Sic Semper Trashis III, which will be held at Virginia High School in Bristol, Virginia on April 13th, 2019

This will be a mirror of Bob Kilner’s Ohio Trash tournament, and will serve as an end-of-year gathering and celebration, open to all high schools and trash enthusiasts across the Southeast (and beyond). Secondarily, it will serve as a money-making endeavor to support our Southwest Virginia teams preparing for trips to HSNCT and SSNCT

Our host school again is my alma mater, Virginia High School in Bristol, Virginia. The school is located approximately 5 minutes off Interstate 81’s Exit 3 or Exit 5, depending on whether you are coming from the north or south. The school is located at 1200 Long Crescent Drive, Bristol, VA 24201

Our game plan is to start registration at 7:45 AM and hold a general meeting at 8:30, with a 9:00 AM start time.

There will be a high school only division as well as an open/college division. If you are a high school student, you are permitted to compete in the open division, but be aware that here be dragons.

Also, returning for its third iteration is the Jeremy Alexander Tabor Memorial Music Challenge, a song recognition game hosted by yours truly. The preliminary round will take place between registration and the first match, with the Top 10 scorers taking up buzzers during awards to decide the champion (so, don’t take off too soon after the last matches!)

For those not interested in the music game, ETSU's Dylan Cox will be reading a religion/mythology packet in the library at the same time

Lastly, there are no trophies. There will be prizes. Prizes will be (a) cheap and (b) trashy.

All fees can be negotiated to an extent, with two tenets in mind:
(A) Particularly for high schools, we want players to be able to play and not have money be an obstacle
(B) This is a fundraiser for our students. If you are able to pay full price, pay full price. If you feel led to toss some extra coins in the coffer, the funds are going straight to SWVA schools playing nationals
With those principles in mind, this is our proposed fee structure:

High School Teams:
$50 for first team from a high school
$45 for each additional team from same high school
$15 per free agent from a high school
-$10 discount *per school* (not per team) for any Virginia high school that played a SWATA Saturday tournament (SMI at Honaker, LMIT at Gate City, State Line at Virginia High, or Tornado at Richlands) this season
-$10 discount *per school* that has not played a non-VHSL tournament in the past 5 years

Open/College Teams:
$80 per team
$25 per free agent

-$10 for staff supplied
-$5 for buzzers supplied

Open/College team minimum: $60, no HS team minimum

Your tournament director is Alex Tabor, assisted/advised by Chuck Pearson and other SWATA executives and members. Contact Tabor through Facebook ( or by email at [email protected]

Host contacts are Ms. Carol Propst ([email protected]) and Mr. Noah Ashbrook ([email protected])

Can be found here:

Some information is subject to change, if changes occur, they will be posted on this thread

And, as Pearson likes to say, all decisions of the tournament director are arbitrary, capricious, and final.

Re: Sic Semper Trashis III at (Bristol) Virginia High School

Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:05 pm
by alextabor95


East Tennesseee State University
Chris Hale, et al
Charlie Perkins, et al
Max Chewning, et al
Joseph Dion, et al
Virginia Tech A
Virginia Tech B
Hubbard Family
UVA Wise

High School

Virginia High
Castlewood A
Castlewood B
Gate City
Richlands A
Richlands B
Lee High
Wise Central