ANNOUNCEMENT: Canadian Hybrid 2019

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Canadian Hybrid 2019

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We are pleased to announce that Canadian Hybrid will be returning again in 2019, written by Joe Su, Jack van Nostrand, Milan Fernandez, Austen Freisacher, Henry Atkins, and Faith Barrett. I will be serving as head-editor, and we aim to produce a product similar to last year's. The most notable change is that we are not soliciting package submissions this year. Hybrid 2019 will be centrally produced.

This tournament will be fully open and written at a Fall+/Regular- difficulty, akin to something like MUT+successors or Division 2 ICT. Tossups will be powermarked and capped at 7 lines. We will be producing 14 packages of 20/20 questions. Here's the distribution:

10/10 Academic

2/2 History (1/1 Western, 1/1 World/other)
2/2 Literature (0.5/0.5 long fiction/drama/poetry/other)
2/2 Science (1.25/1.25 big 3, 0.75/0.75 other)
2/2 RMPSS (0.5/0.5 each)
1/1 Fine art (0.5/0.5 audio/visual)
1/1 Geo, CE, Other

10/10 Trash

2/2 Sports (1.25/1.25 big 4, 0.75/0.75 other)
2/2 Movies (Split evenly at 2000)
2/2 Music (Split evenly at 1990)
1/1 TV (Split evenly at 2005)
1/1 Video Games (no more than 1 nintendo related question)
1/1 Trash lit (0.5/0.5 prose/comics)
1/1 Other (no more than 1 internet culture question)

The tiebreaker tossup will come from any category. The subdistributions can be found here for people who are interested.

This set will be available to mirror throughout the spring and summer. We will try to replace the most egregious Canadian content in preparation for American and/or British sites. Please contact me to set up a mirror or if you have any questions regarding the set.

The writers are asking for $35 CAD per team in attendance at mirrors.
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