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Google Sheets template for tracking your team's Advanced Stats

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:30 pm
by rdc20
I am happy to announce the public release of the first version of a powerful Google Sheets program for tracking individual and team performance. With help from Pedro Juan Orduz of Hunter College High School, I have created a Google Sheets template that can be copied as a new Google Sheet or downloaded as an .xlsx file and opened in Excel.

Here is a link to the template.

Some of the features of this program include:
  • Live-tracking of cumulative bonus conversion.
  • Live-tracking of each player’s powers, gets, negs, and points per game.
  • Advanced category statistics showing bonus conversion broken down by category.
  • The percentage of available points earned in each category.
  • Detailed individual category statistics for each round and across the entire tournament.
  • Displaying the category split (how many tossups your team answered correctly versus how many tossups your opponent answered correctly) for each round and across the entire tournament.
  • Integrated score tracker for each match.
The way I foresee this spreadsheet being used is that a coach or another team-affiliated observer will input the appropriate point values, answerlines, and player names during each game. Another possibility is for players to input the same information at the conclusion of each game or during breaks (bye rounds, lunch breaks, waiting for matches to begin) based on notes taken on paper.

Coincidentally, I’m making this post at the same time a discussion of online scoresheets is taking place. I’d like to make it clear that this template is not intended to be used by moderators or tournament organizers to track statistics for multiple teams.

Another note I’d like to make is that the version of the template linked above should be considered an alpha version of what will hopefully eventually be a fully-polished, optimally user-friendly tool. In the future, in addition to addressing the bugs reported by early users, I plan on releasing a version of the template with more than the 15 rounds currently supported. I hope to have this completed before state and national championships are hosted, since these tournaments frequently involve more rounds than the typical local event.

Currently, this template does not fully support half-packet rounds. As such, individual and team points per game statistics will be inaccurate if one of the games included was played with fewer tossups than the other games. Also, the overall statistics tracked by this template are calculated as “per game” statistics, not “per 20 tossups heard” statistics. Future versions of this template geared towards nationals tournaments may switch to “per 20 tossups heard” statistic tracking.

I have included more instructions for using this template in the Google Sheet itself.

I’ve created a Google form for collecting bug reports, questions, and recommendations.

Re: Advanced Statistics Google Sheet Template

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:06 pm
by rdc20
I found some formula errors that occur when downloading the template and opening it in Excel. I am pretty sure I have found a solution to this problem, and I will implement the solution as soon as possible.

EDIT: Update: This has been addressed. The only remaining Sheets-to-Excel conversion problem I am aware of is that the checkboxes did not survive the conversion process. This can be worked around by typing "true" (not case sensitive) in the cell currently displaying multiple "#" symbols instead of a checkbox.