Instructions for online scorekeeping system

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Instructions for online scorekeeping system

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I am releasing instructions for the online scorekeeping system that will be used at ACF Regionals in January 2018. This same system was previously used at Terrapin, Maryland Fall, EFT, This Tournament is a Crime, Jordaens Visual Arts, and some other tournaments. The demonstration video from before is slightly outdated, but is still applicable despite many improvements to make scorekeeping even more efficient. There is also a live demo intended for staff to practice using the system.

The reason I am posting this so far in advance is to give people enough time to learn how to use the system, since there were justified concerns about the lateness of communication with EFT and there have even been some requests to see the instructions a month ago. More information will be sent directly to TDs by the ACF Regionals personnel. Also, I am about to be going away for a while and will be essentially unavailable to attend to any issues.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with this project in the past. I would prefer to receive feedback by email if possible; a list of changes will be incorporated into the document.
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