Packet archive copyright

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Packet archive copyright

Post by ashwin99 »

I was wondering if the packets listed on are under any sort of copyright. I was planning on making a mobile app which lets you access these packets offline; but does distribution of the packets through a free app constitute fair use, or do I need express permission of the set writers? I'd like to know the opinion of members of the community before releasing it.
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Re: Packet archive copyright

Post by Golran »

You should be fine under fair use as long as you're not deriving any profit from the questions (advertising revenue in your app may get fuzzy, ask an actual lawyer about this). That said, from what I can tell people in the community are fine with their questions being used in study materials once they're available on the archive (since at that point they don't reasonably expect to derive any additional revenue directly from those works), so practically you'll have no issues.
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Re: Packet archive copyright

Post by jonpin »

The key passage from the top of the archive:
Everything posted here is copyright the writers and tournament hosts. Not the archives. It is illegal to make money from the use or sale of these questions without the explicit permission of the owners.
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