Quizbowl Database Down?

Packet databases and other quizbowl sites, apps, or software should be discussed here.
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Quizbowl Database Down?

Post by MasterYster »

Hey guys for some reason I can't access Quizbowl DB anymore. I was wondering if the website went down for some reason and if you all were having the same problem.
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Re: Quizbowl Database Down?

Post by t-bar »

www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com is useful for these sorts of situations. As of this writing, quizbowldb looks down.
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Muriel Axon
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Re: Quizbowl Database Down?

Post by Muriel Axon »

This has been happening a lot recently. It always goes back up. I wouldn't worry about it. Perhaps it is a sign of change to come.
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Re: Quizbowl Database Down?

Post by heterodyne »

If it meant finally getting the multiplayer up, then I'm down with a little outage.
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Re: Quizbowl Database Down?

Post by The Bold Ideas of Bernie Sanders (I-VT) »

For anyone who wants to use the quizbowldb reader to feed them multiple but not all categories, just hold down control and click all the ones you want. That should work.

Edit: I know nobody asked, but... just in case.
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