Converting Notes To Anki

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Converting Notes To Anki

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Hi everybody,

I recently created a simple program to convert notes to flashcards quickly. My method of studying (although I'm very much a noob) is by taking notes and then converting them to flashcards, but I found the creation of flashcards to take a lot of time since I'd have to copy-paste again and again. So, I created a program to create flashcards for me. It converts notes in the form of bullet points into a text file that can be imported into Anki. It takes a few minutes, can be used again and again (it can update decks too, not just create them), and has basically saved me like 10 hours for my 900 flashcards.

You can find details here:

Does this seem useful? Or is this a waste of time? Let me know!

Also, if there are any questions you might have, please let me know.
Adhitya Polavaram
Singapore American School
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