The 2018 Scottie Available for Mirrors

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The 2018 Scottie Available for Mirrors

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Hello everyone,

The 2018 Scottie will be available for mirrors as of September 22, 2018. The Scottie will take place at Glasgow High School in Kentucky on August 25th, 2018 and will possibly be mirrored on the same day at West Point High School in Alabama. Feedback from those two events will be used to "perfect" the packets as much as possible before September 22.

The Scottie will be a regular difficulty set.

The set is being written by current and former members of the quizbowl team and staff at Glasgow High School in Glasgow, Kentucky. Tyler Reid (Glasgow HS; University of Kentucky) will be the chief editor. Other editors include myself (Todd Garrison), Olivia Kiser (Glasgow HS; University of Chicago), Anish Patel (Glasgow HS, University of Kentucky) and the writers themselves.

We’ll be providing 14 packets for the cost of $10 per non-host team that attends your tournament. Since this is our first offer of mirror, we would appreciate reasonably prompt posting of statistics to the hsquizbowl database.

Tossups will be in Times New Roman 12 and we are shooting for a median of 5 lines.

Each packet will consist 20 tossups and 20 three part bonuses. A reserve packet of tossups and bonuses will be used for tiebreaks or substitutions.

The distribution will be slightly different than last year's Scottie and will include:
4/4 Literature (1 American, 1 British, 1 European, 1 World/Ancient)
4/4 History (1 American, 1 European, 1 British, 1 World/Ancient)
4/4 Science (1 Biology, 1 Chemistry, 1 Physics, 1 Other Science (including math). Bonuses but not tossups may include computational math.
3/3 Find Arts (1 Music, 1 Visual, 1 Other)
2/2 RMP
1/1 Social Science
1/1 Geography
1/1 Current Event/Pop Culture

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information or to request a mirror.

8/25/18 West Point "Kickoff", AL
1/12/19 STARK at Louisiana High, MO (postponed until 2/9/19)
1/12/19 Piasa Bird Invitational IV, IL (postponed until 1/21/19)
1/26/19 Webster Groves, MO
2/09/19 Plymouth HS, NH
2/23/19 Great Valley High School (PA)
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