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Books & Material

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Hello, I will be having the regional bee in about 5 days for junior varsity. I previously believed it would be easy as I am relatively good at history, but there just so happens to be possibly the best history player in the state playing JV (who I thought was playing Varsity). What books should I cram and what material should I use to study? (I have about 30 hours total to prepare)

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Re: Books & Material

Post by db0wman » ... resources/

Packet reading is probably going to be your best way of cramming.
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Re: Books & Material

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It's already too late in your scenario (sorry about that!) - but I'd also like to mention that search engines like QuizDB are also a great resource for last minute stuff. YouTube channels like Kings & Generals, Extra Credits, and Historia Civilis are also great last-minute things to binge or play in the background.
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