Comet Winter Clash at Solon High School - 2/17/18, 2/18/18

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Comet Winter Clash at Solon High School - 2/17/18, 2/18/18

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Comet Winter Clash
Solon High School will be hosting our annual two day tournament on February 17-18 2018. We have renamed the event the Comet Winter Clash, but the basics (with a few changes) remain the same!

Summary of Events:

Saturday 2/17/18
High School Tournament on NAQT IS 174
Middle School Tournament on NAQT MS 24
Solon Trash at conclusion of High School Finals

Sunday 2/18/18
High School Tournament on HFT ‘17
POTUS Singles Tournament during lunch

Saturday February 17th will be our 15th annual NAQT High School tournament, run on Invitational Series 174. We will guarantee 10 matches for Varsity teams. Standard NAQT scoring, untimed 20 question matches. Field cap to be determined. We will field a JV division if warranted.

We will concurrently run the Solon Middle School Tournament on NAQT MS 24. Miami Valley School is running this set in January as well. This will be played with standard NAQT scoring, untimed 20 question matches. 8 matches will be guaranteed per team.

After Saturday’s finals, we will play a free 4 round TRASH tournament, open to players, coaches, adults, etc. This will be house-written with 4 packets of 10TU/10B. We will use a power-matching schedule, and all teams will play 4 games. There will be a 16 team cap. We are taking TRASH signups ahead of time, but any open slots may be taken on the day of the tournament.

Sunday February 18th will be our 7th annual PACE format tournament, run on Harvard Fall Tournament 2017. We will guarantee 10 matches for Varsity teams. PACE scoring: 10 point tossups, 20 point powers, bonus bouncebacks, no negs.

During lunch on Sunday, we will run Presidential-Only Tournament, Undertaken by Solon (POTUS). This will be a two packet singles tournament of tossups on the tenures, policies, cabinets, Supreme Court appointments, controversies, military actions, and more, of all 45 United States presidents.

Fee Structure:
1st High School Team Saturday: $70.00
2nd High School Team Saturday: $60.00
1st Middle School Team Saturday: $60.00
2nd Middle School Team Saturday: $50.00
Additional teams: $50.00
Saturday Buzzer Discount: $5.00 each, 2 max per team, must be fully functional
Saturday Reader Discount: $10.00 each
1st time NAQT Discount: $25.00 (confirmed at
Sunday HFT: $50.00 per team
Sunday Buzzer Discount: $5.00 each, 2 max
Sunday Reader Discount: $5.00 each
Sunday POTUS: $3.00 per player

Saturday Schedule:
Check-in: 7:45-8:30 AM
Welcome Meeting: 8:30 AM
Readers’ Meeting: 8:45 AM
Round 1 begins: 9:00 AM
Lunch after Rd. 5
Middle School play should end between 2:30-3:00
High School play should end by 4:00 PM (with the exception of any finals matches)
Trash app. 4:30-6

Lunch will be available for purchase both days.

We hope to see you in February!!!

Registration Link: ... Kz4VTDIm53
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Re: Comet Winter Clash at Solon High School - 2/17/18, 2/18/

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Hope everyone who competed at Solon enjoyed the HFT XII set! FYI, we have set up a private forum for set discussion. To join the private forum, go to User Control Panel -> Usergroups -> Select "2017 Harvard Fall Discussion" -> Click "Submit".
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