Vanderbilt SPOOKY III (10/28/17, Nashville, TN)

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Vanderbilt SPOOKY III (10/28/17, Nashville, TN)

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Update: tournament date changed to 10/28
Update: packet confirmed SCOP Novice 8

This is the general announcement for the 2017 Vanderbilt University Scholastic Performance Of Outstanding Knowledgeable Youths III, a high school quiz bowl tournament, to be hosted at Vanderbilt’s Buttrick Hall, 2400 Vanderbilt Pl, Nashville, TN 37212, on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Registration will begin at 8 AM, the first round by 9 AM, and the tournament should finish by 5 PM.

Location and directions:
The tournament will take place in Buttrick Hall, 2400 Vanderbilt Pl, Nashville, TN 37212, approachable easily from I-440's exit 1A onto West End heading north, or I-40's exit 209B on Broadway heading South towards the Medical Center, or just from Charlotte Ave. to West End heading towards the West side of campus near the roundabout near Kirkland Hall. Note: you can't actually park near Buttrick Hall, but you can drive up close to it (for drop-off) via West Side Row off 24th Ave S which will put you behind Rand dining hall with a 2 minute walk to Buttrick Hall.

Is limited, so I've linked the campus map (, a campus parking map ( ... 6-2017.pdf) as well as the Medical Center parking map ( ... %20Map.pdf). These should give adequate guidelines for parking and locations. Tip: I'd suggest parking in either the Terrace Place or Wesley Place garages, which are about 7-10 minutes from Buttrick Hall, but free and likely large enough, as opposed to the reserved lots that surround the area.

Will be a mirror of SCOP Novice 8.

Preliminary brackets will be seeded and then playoff brackets will be determined based on record. All teams will be offered a minimum of 9 games (liable to change as well with moderator count). Rounds will not be timed, but no round should be longer than 30 minutes. Statistics will be kept in full. Prizes will be offered to the top three teams and top five scorers. The current cap is 24 teams.

Base fee: $70 per first team, $60 per second team and so on. There is no limit to the number of teams who can attend from one school, but schools sending more than two teams are strongly encouraged to provide a competent staffer. This will change if we get more than 15 or so total staffers.

There will be 
a $15 discount for experienced staffers who can moderate, 
a $5 discount per buzzer with no limit on buzzers (until we reach 15 buzzers or so), and 
a $5 discount for every 100 miles traveled one-way according to Google Maps.
a $5 discount for cash payment.
The minimum fee is $40.

This tournament is open to any HS (including JV) teams; we may have a separate JV division if there are enough teams, but don't count on it. We will email and contact as many teams as possible, however, if you feel that you didn't get an invite and deserve one, just e-mail us at [email protected] or post here (We are still contacting teams!)
Once you confirm that you are coming, please should e-mail us at [email protected] with:
1. The number of teams, buzzers, and staffers you can bring.
2. A phone number for a coach/chaperone/captain that will be there with you on the day of the competition.
3. An email address where you/your coach can be contacted for further details or changes.

We prefer payment on the day of, but feel free to send checks to us ahead of time (Email us for the address to send the check to!) All teams must pay by October 28, 2017. Cash, personal checks, funds from an organization, or checks are all fine. Purchase orders, credit cards, Paypal, or anything else that we can't process will not be counted as payment and you will have to pay late fees of $25. All checks must be made out to "Vanderbilt Quiz Bowl". If you need a pre-tournament invoice or W-9 form in order to have a check written, you must let us know by October 1st, so that we can send you the paperwork in time and so your payment can be on time.

Team size:
The maximum number of players on any one team is 6. Chances for substitutions always occur after Bonus 10 in each round (half-time), and if your moderator doesn't ask you, just briefly tell them the name of the player(s) you are substituting in/out. Each player may appear on only one team's roster throughout the day, and we will keep stats as such.

Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions. I'm looking forward to seeing a wide variety of teams from Tennessee and surrounding states on 10/28!
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Re: Vanderbilt SPOOKY III (10/28/17, Nashville, TN)

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Don't run a tournament open to all teams on a novice set.
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Re: Vanderbilt SPOOKY III (10/28/17, Nashville, TN)

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Could we get a field update?
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Re: Vanderbilt SPOOKY III (10/28/17, Nashville, TN)

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The current field is 16 teams:
Arlington HS (2 teams)
St. Bernard Prep (3 teams)
Portland HS (1 team)
Merrol Hyde (1 team)
University School of Nashville (1 team)
Battle Ground Academy (2 teams)
Clarkrange HS (1 team)
Hume Fogg (3 teams)
Union County HS (1 team)
Tupelo HS (1 team)

We have closed registration due to Vanderbilt's policy on protection of minors requiring completion of a form three weeks prior to the event. We will be hosting another tournament in the spring, hopefully to be announced in late December-early January. My apologies for not including a registration deadline on this post. Please send us an email to be included on our contact list for future tournaments.
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Re: Vanderbilt SPOOKY III (10/28/17, Nashville, TN)

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Thanks to all the teams that competed, and congratulations to Battle Ground Academy A, who went undefeated as our champion!

Final standings in the top bracket were:
1. Battle Ground Academy A
2. Merrol Hyde
3. Arlington A
4. University School of Nashville
5. Hume Fogg A
6. Arlington B
7. Battle Ground Academy B
8. Hume Fogg B

Stats are available at ... pooky_iii/

Thanks again to the teams that attended, and we hope to see you in the spring at ABC 40!

This is our first tournament under a new administration. We would appreciate any feedback at [email protected].
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