WHAT(IS-162) at University of Waterloo (Feb. 11, 2017)

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WHAT(IS-162) at University of Waterloo (Feb. 11, 2017)

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This is an announcement for the first ever Waterloo Hibernal Academic Tournament (WHAT) also known as Waterloo's Premiere Introductory Regular-difficulty Gathering, which will take place on February 11th 2017. It will be played on the 13 pack version of NAQT's IS-162, with Canadian content added to expand each pack to 24/24 (from 22/22). We hope this tournament will be an opportunity for Southern Ontario's budding quizbowl circuit to gain experience on regular difficulty questions, as well as an opportunity for new schools to get exposed to quizbowl. I'd like to add that quizbowl in general, and especially the added Canadian content, will be very helpful in preparing for a successful Reach for the Top season.

Location and Time
This tournament will almost certainly be held in the Mathematics and Computing (MC) building. Expect an 8:30AM opening meeting and a 9AM start of games, but more exact information will be made avaliable closer to the date of the tournament.

To register a team, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Base fee:$60 per team
Buzzer Discount:-$5 per working buzzer set
Staffer Discount:-$10 per capable staffer
Shorthanded Discount-$10 per player missing
New to Quizbowl:-$30 (for teams that have not played a quizbowl tournament before)

Nationals Qualification
The top 15% of teams in the field will qualify for NAQT's High School National Championship Tournament played on May 27 and 28th in Atlanta.

Other Information
All teams will be guaranteed at least 9 games and we hope to conclude the tournament by 5PM. We will take a break for lunch around noon, teams should either bring their own lunches or money to buy lunch. A variety of food options can be found in the "University Plaza" located just to the east of campus on University avenue.

*Insert your school here*
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Re: WHAT(IS-162) at University of Waterloo (11/02/2017)

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Is the date still TBA? On the Tournament Database it says November 2nd 2017, but I'm assuming that's a mistake.
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