Cobalt Invitational @La Jolla High (March 15, 2014) [IS-134]

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Cobalt Invitational @La Jolla High (March 15, 2014) [IS-134]

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La Jolla High is pleased to announce the Cobalt Invitational, taking place on March 15, 2014.

Location: La Jolla High School, 750 Nautilus Street, La Jolla, CA 92037
Registration will be in the cafeteria. Matches will take place in the upper and lower 500 building.
Map of the campus: ... school-map

Time: Check-in will begin at 8:00am. The tournament will begin at 9:00am.

Questions: We will be using NAQT IS-134. The top 15% will qualify for HSNCT.

Format: The rounds will be untimed rounds of 20 questions. We will likely have round robin brackets in the morning and round robin playoff brackets in the afternoon.

Food: We will provide breakfast. Lunch can be found on Pearl St. We will also provide lunch for any moderators.


Base Price:
$80 for the first team from each school
$70 for each subsequent team.

School Discounts:
-$5 for each working buzzer set
-$20 for each full-time moderator
-$5 per 50 miles traveled, calculated by Google Maps from your school to LJHS
-$40 for the first team from a school that has played one or fewer tournaments in the past two years.

LATE PENALTY: +$10 for changing registration the day before the tournament or later.

Registration: Register by emailing [email protected] with:
1. School name
2. Number of teams
3. Number of buzzers
4. Number of moderators
5. Total fee
6. Contact phone number

The field cap will initially be set at 24 teams, but may expand depending on whether we can increase the size of our staff.
Lynn Zhou
La Jolla High '14
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Re: Cobalt Invitational @La Jolla High (March 15, 2014) [IS-

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Field (as of 2/27/14):
1. Westview A
2. Westview B
3. Westview C
4. Westview D
5. Arcadia A
6. Arcadia B
7. Arcadia C
8. Arcadia D
9. Arcadia E
10. Arcadia F
11. North Hollywood A
12. North Hollywood B
13. Capistrano Valley A
14. Capistrano Valley B
15. Rancho Bernardo A
16. Rancho Bernardo B
17. Scripps Ranch
18. Santa Monica
19. Irvine A
20. Irvine B
21. Del Norte
22. Canyon Crest A
23. Canyon Crest B
24. Madison

Torrey Pines (2-3)

Westview (2)
Arcadia (3)
North Hollywood (1)
Capistrano Valley (1)
Rancho Bernardo (1-2)
Scripps Ranch (1)
Irvine (2)
Del Norte (2)

Westview (2)
Capistrano Valley (1)
Santa Monica (1)

*3-team-per-school limit has been removed
Lynn Zhou
La Jolla High '14