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VCU Spring "Battle of the Brains" Style Tournament

High school tournament on January 21, 2017

Host location: VCU

Address: 1015 Floyd Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220

Question Set: NAQT Invitational Series #163A

Field cap: 32 teams

The tournament is open to public, private, and homeschool teams. Schools in the Varsity and Junior Varsity divisions must be from the Battle of the Brains eligibility radius, which is defined as anywhere in Virginia that is not part of Fairfax, Loudoun, or Prince William counties, or independent cities within or bordering any of those counties. Schools from those counties, and schools from outside Virginia, are eligible for this tournament, but must play in the National division.

To make sure each team gets a chance to play opponents of a similar experience level, the tournament will be divided into NATIONAL, VARSITY, and JUNIOR VARSITY divisions. Each division will name its own champion and there will not be interdivisional matches.

JUNIOR VARSITY division: For a team to play in this division, all players must meet the eligibility for the Varsity division and be in no higher than the 10th grade.

VARSITY division: For a team to play in this division, it must contain NO players who have ever been a Battle of the Brains all-star, or ever played on a team that finished in the top 4 on Battle of the Brains, finished in the top 4 of any non-novice invitational quizbowl tournament, or qualified for the VHSL Scholastic Bowl state championship tournament.

NATIONAL division: Teams which do not meet the eligibility limit for the Varsity division play here. Teams who could play in Varsity but want to "play up" in the National division may be allowed to do so, but we reserve the right to review and deny this on a case-by-case basis in order to maintain workable field sizes in both divisions. Any team from outside the BoB viewing radius as defined above must also play in this division.

Schools are encouraged to enter teams in every division, including multiple teams! You may enter as many teams of 4 students in the tournament as you'd like. Note that some schools may be required to play multiple teams in the National division: if your A and B team both finished in the top 4 at an invitational tournament then you have 8 players who are not eligible for the Varsity division.

Entry information

Team entry fees per school

  • Base fee per team: $60


  • Buzzer discount: -$5 per working buzzer system
  • Distance discount: -$10 per 150 miles traveled one-way
  • Staff discount, per staffer: -$10
  • Varsity division discount, per team: -$10
  • Junior Varsity division discount, per team: -$20
  • Early registration discount: -$10

Additional entry information

  • Minimum fee per team: $0
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