How do I organize a quizbowl team?

You really don't have to do much!

You might think that you need to have lots of practices, a buzzer system, a team captain, and a coach in order to attend a quizbowl tournament. You don't! Our tournament is set up so that all you need is a group of players who want to play. You can even bring as many teams of one to four players as you want! Once your players are there, our tournament hosts will help them with any questions they have about organizing an official quizbowl club on campus.

Almost every established collegiate quizbowl club is entirely student-run, and the community of nearby teams is always willing to help new clubs with discounted entry fees, links to question packets for practice, and plenty of advice on how to run a team.

If you are interested in starting a quizbowl team, follow these really easy steps (the whole thing will take less than one hour!):

  1. Download this flier. You'll need to fill in a few blanks with the relevant information. Print out as many copies as you'd like.
  2. Post the fliers at places around campus where students like to hang out.
  3. Set aside twenty minutes to run the informational meeting that the flier advertises.
  4. Email us at [email protected] to get an outline that tells you everything you need to say at the meeting.
  5. Organizing a team is extremely easy and will take up very little of your time. The best part is, once the team attends the tournament, it will have the tools it needs to run itself.