What is quizbowl?

Quizbowl is an intercollegiate game that tests academic knowledge. A typical quizbowl game consists of around twenty "tossup" questions, which any player on either team may "buzz in" to try to answer. Answering a tossup earns a team a chance to get extra points on a bonus question, which typically has three shorter parts. Most tournaments are scheduled so that teams play ten to fifteen games.

Quizbowl question topics cover the major academic disciplies: Literature, science, history, art, music, religion, philosophy, mythology, geography, and the social sciences, with some pop culture thrown in as well.

Quizbowl is played at many levels of competition, from middle school to "masters" difficulty. On the college circuit, there are dozens of tournaments every year, many of which are "mirrored" at regional sites all over the United States, Canada, and Britain. There are also two national championship tournaments that the most competitive teams attend.

why should my school have a team?

Quizbowl is a rewarding activity. It affords students the opportunity to travel, learn, meet new people, and take up new interests. Quizbowl players gain leadership abilities by serving in posts like team president or treasurer. Quizbowl teams represent their universities in academic competition and put on campus activities for their fellow students.

Players we know are regularly inspired to read new books, take new classes, and consider new ideas, simply because they first encounter interesting things through quizbowl.

Simply put, quizbowl makes for a more intelligent, more involved, and more interesting student body!

Quizbowl is also a fun competitive outlet for your strongest students, as well as a great way to extend traditional intercollegiate rivalries to the academic arena!

Alright, I'm convinced. We need to start a quizbowl team! But how?

Just follow this link.