You got our postcard or email!

Thanks for reading it and coming to this site! You probably have a few questions about quizbowl and our introductory tournament. We'll do our best to answer.

So, what is quizbowl?

It's an intercollegiate activity, sort of like a more intense form of Jeopardy. Players use buzzers in an attempt to beat the other team to questions on topics spanning the humanities, sciences, fine arts, social sciences, and pop culture. Hundreds of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions have quizbowl teams that play throughout the United States and Canada.

For more on what quizbowl is all about, click here.

Why should my school have a quizbowl team?

Quizbowl is one of the most rewarding intercollegiate activities. Students travel to other universities to represent their school in competition. They can also put on events for their own student body, like intramural tournaments. Students meet other players from across the country, stay engaged academically, spark new academic interests, and augment knowledge learned in the classroom with information learned for and during competition.

For more on why quizbowl is a fantastic activity, click here.

Okay, quizbowl is great. How can I help organize a team?

We've done almost all of the work already! We've organized an upcoming tournament specifically meant to introduce new teams and players to the game of quizbowl. There are already twenty pre-planned sites all around the country; one will be close enough for students to make a day trip to the tournament. Even if you don't have a team, or if your team has been inactive for a while, the only thing you need to attend this tournament is a few interested students and a way to get there.

For detailed instructions on how to quickly and painlessly organize a team for this event, click here.

Who's organizing all this?

The postcard that directed you to this site is from the editors of the Early Collegiate Novice Tournament, which is an introductory quizbowl tournament sponsored by the Academic Competition Federation. The purpose of the tournament is to allow inexperienced teams and players to play a tournament against competition at their own level.

My school already has a team. What should I do?

If you are the team adviser, president, or central organizer, go straight to the nearest site locator and make plans to attend the tournament! If you're not, please forward this address to the team adviser or president and encourage them to attend. In either case, if you have any questions, please contact us!

How can I contact the central tournament organizers?

Please, email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. Email us to express interest, ask for information, or talk about quizbowl in general. If you want to attend this tournament but are facing a logistical or financial difficulty, we will try to work with you to find a solution.