Aztlan Cup IV (TIT/MLK mirror) on 1/19/08 at UCLA

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Aztlan Cup IV (TIT/MLK mirror) on 1/19/08 at UCLA

Postby danielnuyu » Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:34 am

**Announcement: Aztlan Cup IV: The Sense of Beauty (TIT/MLK mirror)**

UCLA will be mirroring Terrapin/MLK, a good national tourney with multiple mirror sites around the country, on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at UCLA. The editor-in-chief will be Jonathan Magin. The difficulty level will be around ACF fall, certainly not much harder.

Since the announcement is a bit late, we're giving one blanket discount if you submit a packet, though submitting is not necessary to play. If you submit a packet as specified in by December 20th, you'll get from $25 to $50 off the tourney fee, depending on how good it is; i.e. if it's ready to play, it's -$50. And if you don't submit a packet, you just get the $0 discount off the basefee (not +100). O/w the fees stated in the announcement stands (i.e. base fee $100 plus possible discounts). Namely, the travel discount of $20 holds, as does the formatting penalty. Packets should be emailed to Jonathan Magin and Mike Bentley directly. If finance is a problem, let us know; we'll work something out.

Hope to see you all at UCLA on January 19.

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Postby Mike Bentley » Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:40 pm

Hey I was just looking through this announcement and noticed that the difficulty was listed as "around ACF fall, certainly not much harder." This is not actually true. As per the original announcement, the difficulty will be "regular difficulty". That means it will be between ACF Fall and ACF Regionals, or around what Penn Bowl was last year or Titanomachy was this year. I hope that no teams got the wrong impression of this tournament.
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