Beloit College Team Established- Help Appreciated.

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Beloit College Team Established- Help Appreciated.

Postby Askharian » Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:00 pm

Hello everyone,

Beloit College (Located in Beloit, WI 53511) now has a Quiz Bowl team willing to compete in pretty much any format thrown at us. We're composed of almost entirely first-and second-years, and I am the only one with much experience on the team. However, we have a very solid core group and have acquired college funding. Therefore, we're looking to begin competition. The BARGE at UIUC is currently looking like a good option for us, but we're interested in competing in other competitions as well as finding other programs to compete against outside of tournament play. Are there any misconceptions that I'm revealing/other things I seem to not be realizing? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Beloit College Team Established- Help Appreciated.

Postby theMoMA » Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:10 pm

Beloit is in a pretty good location for attending tournaments; you're within striking distance, Chicago, Urbana, and Ann Arbor (and, I might add, Minnesota). You'll want to hold a few practices on BARGE-level questions before you decide to attend that tournament, because it may be a bit tough for an introductory event. You should definitely attend NAQT's Division II SCT and Illinois's site of MUT/GAAP. Both of those tournaments will be happening in the spring and will be novice-friendly.

I would also suggest visiting and checking out the archives of ACF Fall. Reading through those packets will give you an idea of what introductory college tournaments look like. Start with the most recent packets and move backwards, because some of the earlier iterations of Fall are a little harder than today's versions. If you're looking for something similar to BARGE, check out the most recent versions of the Terrapin Invitational, which are of similar difficulty (and were edited by the writer of BARGE, Chris Ray).
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