Playing Music: A Serial of Sorts

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Playing Music: A Serial of Sorts

Postby AKKOLADE » Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:51 am

Playing Music is a planned series of tossup questions to be played at various events in the future. Rather than an entire side event, taking up large chunks of time and serving as a distraction from the main events of a weekend, it's intended to be a rather short event that can be used as a lunch break, or an end of the day bit of relaxation, etc.

Each edition of Playing Music will be intended to be used in a shoot-out format, as each will probably include, at a minimum, 40 tossups, though not a significantly larger number.

The initial edition of Playing Music will include questions about music from different points in time.

This will probably be somewhat difficulty, in part serving as an outlet for questions I couldn't reasonably contribute to things like NAQT's sets; it's not intended that every answer line will be absurd,though.

I might be willing/able to get some version of this together for events in August; we shall see.
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