NHBB Jobs - Directing & Recruiting, also Nationals Staffing

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NHBB Jobs - Directing & Recruiting, also Nationals Staffing

Postby Great Bustard » Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:43 pm

The National History Bee and Bowl is looking for a few good tournament directors and recruiters to make our second season a great success. While many regions have already been assigned already, we are always interested in bringing in new helpers into the fold. Please contact me if one of the following positions interests you:

Tournament Coordinator (i.e. Recruiter)
Successful recruiting and outreach is at the heart of the NHBB. Recruiters are paid $15 for the first twelve teams they recruit for a tournament, and $35 for every team thereafter (so there's a big incentive to keep at it). Moreover, recruiters also earn $3 for the first twenty five students who sign up for the Bee at a tournament, and $5 for every subsequent student. This does not include host schools (who play for free), teams who played last year, or certain schools that the NHBB has been in touch with. Recruiters will be given a comprehensive guide to recruiting, and supplied with materials to assist in recruiting (brochures, gifts for school visits, etc.). Please contact me if you are interested in recruiting; this is a great way to also talk to a bunch of new schools more generally about this other thing called quiz bowl that the NHBB is related to. Keep in mind that recruiting is especially meant for schools that do not normally play quiz bowl, but since every school has a social studies department head, or at the very least, history teachers, we can approach every school out there. Greg Bossick, Assistant Director of the NHBB will oversee recruiting, but contact me at director at historybowl dot com if you are interested in receiving the recruiter's guide, as I handle tournament recruiting assignments. You do not need to be in a particular region or even familiar with it, in order to recruit there, though of course that is nice. Far more important is a friendly and enthusiastic demeanor, an ability to keep careful track of records, and especially - capability of meeting deadlines.

Tournament Director
We are also looking for tournament directors in various regions. Directors will ideally have prior experience with tournament direction, or at least, helping our with tournament administration. Directors will earn between $225 and $325 based on how many teams attend their tournament. Ideally, the director and recruiter will be the same person, but this is not required. Directors will be responsible for communicating with the recruiter, the Executive Director, the host school, and participating schools in advance of the tournament, and also to thank schools upon its conclusion. During the tournament, the director will set the bee draw, oversee stat keeping, read at certain times during the day, handle staffing assignments, be the final court on protests, and troubleshoot as needed.

Assistant Tournament Director
No prior experience required; this person will help with stats and reading as needed, and be responsible for handling lunch arrangements. ATD's make $70 for the day; some tournaments will need several depending on their size.

Nationals Staff
Come and read history quiz bowl questions to the top teams in the nation at our nationals in DC next April 28-29! If you can carpool or are within a seven hour drive of DC, the NHBB will cover your expenses; otherwise, please check with us first. Housing expenses and $15 for meals are provided. Please let me know as soon as you can if this might interest you (email or private message me), and I will add you name to our list, so that we have enough staff to accommodate up to 200 teams at Nationals next spring.
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