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2018 Early Fall Tournament (EFT)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:56 am
by Red Panda Cub
It is an honour to announce the renewal of the Early Fall Tournament for autumn 2018. I shall be head-editing the tournament, with subject assistance from Alex Damisch, Ewan MacAulay, Dylan Minarik, Tejas Raje, Ramapriya Rangaraju and Ryan Rosenberg. Will Alston and Rob Carson will be providing an additional layer of question oversight, though we welcome further input of this sort. The set will be available from the traditional late September date onwards.

This iteration of EFT will be written with the same animating ideas as the last two years’ tournaments, and the difficulty will kept to the same level (between Fall and Regionals, leaning more towards the latter). As such, the set should be able to cater to everyone from ambitious collegiate novices and experienced high school players up, while providing a meaningful experience for stalwarts of the game.

For college teams, all in-person US sites of this tournament will be completely closed. High schoolers may play, and can play on chimera teams with permission, but permission will only be granted if they are unable to play with their school team. Exceptions to these rules may possibly be granted with approval of the head editor. Sites in non-US countries may set different policies, but please alert the head-editor to any changes from what is stated here for US teams. We plan to run an early open play-testing mirror on Skype. All sites should use the advanced/online scorekeeping methods provided.

We intend to keep roughly the same distribution as last year, though changes might be made in the coming months and will be noted here.

4/4 Literature
-1/1 Long Fiction
-1/1 Poetry
-1/1 Drama + Long Fiction (targeting a 2-3:1 split in favour of the former)
-1/1 Short Fiction and Other
4/4 History
-1/1 United States
-1/1 Continental Europe
-1/1 Non-European, Non-Commonwealth (“World”)
-1/1 Classics, Commonwealth, and Other
4/4 Science
-1/1 Biology
-1/1 Chemistry
-1/1 Physics
-1/1 Other Science
3/3 Fine Arts
-1/1 Painting
-1/1 Other Arts
-1/1 Classical Music
2/2 Beliefs
-1/1 Myths and Legends
-1/1 Religion
3/3 Thought and Other
-1/1 Social Science
-1/1 Philosophy, Criticism and “Other Thought”
-1/1 Geography, Current Events and Other Academic

This tournament will comprise 15 packets – 13 main packets and two set aside for finals. As with the last two years, the final packets will be marginally harder than the main tournament packets.

The mirror fee will be a flat $40 for each team. Hosts are free to set the main tournament fee as they please, but are required to provide buzzer discounts of ast least $5 and travel discounts of at least $10 for teams traveling >200 miles.

To arrange a mirror please contact our logistics czar, Alex, at: alexandra [dot] damisch [at] gmail [dot] com

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Re: 2018 Early Fall Tournament (EFT)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2018 1:54 pm
by 100% Clean Comedian Dan Nainan
Are there any updates on mirror sites of this tournament?

Re: 2018 Early Fall Tournament (EFT)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:59 pm
by Coach Jim
Is there a confirmed DATE for this tournament?

Re: 2018 Early Fall Tournament (EFT)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:00 pm
by Aaron's Rod
100% Clean Comedian Dan Nainan wrote:Are there any updates on mirror sites of this tournament?

I've been contacted by and am contacting some sites--stay tuned!

Coach Jim wrote:Is there a confirmed DATE for this tournament?

We'd like to have an online mirror on September 22nd, with in-person mirrors starting on September 29th and afterwards.

Re: 2018 Early Fall Tournament (EFT)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:26 pm
by Aaron's Rod
List of Mirrors
Online mirror: 09/22
Great Lakes: University of Michigan, 09/29
Lower Midwest: WUSTL, 10/06 (announcement pending)
Upper Midwest: University of Minnesota, 10/06 (announcement pending)
Canada: Carleton University, 10/13
Northwest: Boise State (date pending)
Northern California: Stanford (date pending)
Southern California: UCSD (date pending)
Mid-Atlantic: University of Maryland (announcement pending)
New England: [likely TBA after ACF Fall site selection]