September University Novice @Waterloo (23/09/2017)

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September University Novice @Waterloo (23/09/2017)

Postby Sigurd » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:49 pm

Hello Southern Ontario, and quizbowl fans from Upstate New York and Newfoundland!

Waterloo is hosting the annual iteration of the southern Ontario novice tournament on Saturday September 23. We are pleased to announce we will be using the SUN set written by various Floridian quizbowlers for this years novice, with the acronym altered to mean "September University Novice" to more accurately reflect the nature of this tournament. More information about the SUN set can be found here

This tournament is very likely to take place in Waterloo Quizbowl's brutalist headquarters of the Mathematics and Computing (MC), but may also take place in some other ugly engineering building. The exact location will be confirmed closer to the date of the tournament. Regardless, a start time of 9AM can be roughly expected. There will be a preliminary field cap of 9 teams for this tournament, but I would be very happy to expand the field should there be sufficient interest/staff.

$15 per player
-$5/team per functioning buzzer set (not laptop buzzers)
-$10/team per functioning staffer
-$10/team if your school did not attend any tournaments in the 2016/17 year
Minimum fee: $10 per player

To register please send an email to thie6230 [at] mylaurier [dot] com with the number of players on your team, and any discounts you'd like to claim.

Since this is a novice tournament, we do need to maintain fairly strict eligibility rules. They are as follows

1. Anyone who has never played quizbowl before is automatically eligible to play. (Reach for the Top and IHBB do not count as quizbowl for this purpose)

Additonally you are eligible if you meet all of the following:
1. You have played University Quizbowl for fewer than two years (university quizbowl played on high school teams counts)
2. You did not make the HSNCT playoffs or the top 24 at the NSC, nor finished in the top 30 of individual scores at either of those tournaments.
3. You have never scored above 20PPG at any university tournament more difficult than ACF Fall.

If you do not meet these criteria and still wish to play, please contact me in advance of the tournament to discuss an exemption. Exemption granting will likely be very dependent on field size.

Additional information and logistics
Free weekend parking can be found in the parking lots on the North Side of Columbia Street, marked as "Lot X" on this map. Additionally, a variety of food options can be found at the "University Plaza" located on University Avenue just to the East of campus, including several new shawarma shops and the best fine dining in Waterloo at Mr. Panino's Beijing House. Staffers will be receiving a free lunch at one of these fine establishments. *New for 2017!*

Finally, due to exuberant annual celebrations put on by a certain other institution in Waterloo, teams may find leaving Waterloo to be slightly more of a hassle than usual.


Toronto at least (1/0/1)
House at least (1/1/x)

I look forward to seeing you all on what hopes to be a excellent start to the fall quizbowl season!
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