Human-Computer Question Answering NIPS 2017

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Human-Computer Question Answering NIPS 2017

Post by ezubaric » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:58 pm

We're hosting a human-computer question answering competition at NIPS 2017 in early December 2017:

If you're a machine learning researcher, please submit your system! For the quiz bowl community, we're looking for:
A) Human teams to take on the computer teams. Question level will be mostly high school nationals level, so all levels of player welcome (active HS, active college, retired). Let us know if you're interested here:

B) Questions from tournament around the same time we could mirror [tossups only; must be ready by October, we'll keep them private until December]

Also happy to answer questions here!
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Human-Computer Question Answering:

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