Singles and Trash Weekend @ New College of Florida

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Singles and Trash Weekend @ New College of Florida

Post by ybestone » Tue Apr 11, 2017 12:04 pm

On May 6th, New College of Florida will be hosting mirrors of Cottage Bowl, HIT (Historically Intensive Tournament) and Scattergories. For Cottage Bowl, the field is completely open so feel free to play on teams with anyone, even friends or family. Similarly, anyone can play Scattergories and HIT.

Location and Time
We'll be playing the tournament in the Academic Center, or ACE. The location is right across from the Jane Bancroft Cook library, or just number 18 on this map. ( ... 2D3-X2.jpg)
We expect to start registration at 9am on May 6th. We plan on playing all 6 rounds of Cottage Bowl first, after which we'll break for lunch. After lunch, we'll likely play HIT followed by Scattergories.

For all three tournaments, the base fee is $10 per person per tournament. Anyone who plays all three tournaments will get a discount of $5, for a total $25 flat fee. In addition, anyone who staffs two out of the three tournaments gets to play the third tournament for free, provided they have a working laptop. While we won't be offering discounts for people who staff one of the tournaments or for people who bring buzzer sets, we'd still appreciate it if people brought buzzer sets and people playing 2/3 tournaments staffed one of them.

Email me at if you plan on coming to any/all of the tournaments.

Otherwise, feel free to email or PM me if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing you this May!

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