Job Search: Chief Financial Officer, HSAPQ

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Job Search: Chief Financial Officer, HSAPQ

Post by Cheynem » Tue Aug 16, 2016 1:29 pm

High School Academic Pyramid Questions, Inc. ("HSAPQ") is looking for an individual to serve as Corporate Secretary and CFO, and as such, to serve on HSAPQ's Board of Directors.

Corporate profile:

HSAPQ is a corporation chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia and (currently) headquartered in Maryland. HSAPQ was founded in 2008 and assumed its current form when the Scholastic Bowl Company of Virginia, Inc., bought HSAPQ in 2009 and then changed its name. Its business is the writing and editing of questions used in high school quiz bowl tournaments. It is the second-largest producer of pyramidal-style quiz bowl questions in the country, behind NAQT, and has between 8-15 heavy and 30-40 total people each season that write questions.


* Writing questions for use in the Virginia High School League's ("VHSL") Scholastic Bowl series. These questions are meant for a very general audience and must be played on (and enjoyed) by schools with little experience in quiz bowl and schools that would make the national top 25 in a given year.

* Writing questions for and directing an annual national tournament, the National All-Star Academic Tournament ("NASAT"). The NASAT has been held since 2010 in mid-June at locations through the country and is an all-star tournament featuring all-star teams from U.S. states (Canadian provinces and similar foreign sub-divisions would be eligible, but have never attended.) Between 10 and 15 teams typically attend each NASAT.

* When possible, taking VHSL questions and writing additional questions to produce one or more "traditional" quiz bowl tournament sets (20 tossup/20 bonuses) for use at tournaments around the country.

Desired General experience:

* Working with the organizational end of quiz bowl (assisting with running tournaments, contacting customers, etc.) Experience as a collegiate quiz bowl treasurer for a club that has hosted large tournaments is ideal for this position.

* Some experience with handling checks and accounts for a non-personal checking account, whether it be a quiz bowl club or a separate business.

* Basic familiarity and willingness to adhere to tax laws and regulations and to maintain a separation between personal and corporate accounts (the "corporate veil".)

* A very slight preference may be given to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

* A very slight preference may be given to people with significant question-writing experience, although this role is a non-writing role -- the outgoing CFO has not written a question for HSAPQ in over five years.

* An ability, both in overall time and in what the chosen individual's primary job permits, to devote between 2-10 hours a month to HSAPQ business. HSAPQ assumes that whoever accepts the job has obtained appropriate permission from their primary job and/or graduate degree program.

As Corporate Secretary, the chosen individual will be expected/willing to:

* Serve as HSAPQ's Registered Agent for the State Corporation Commission (if a Virginia resident) or to receive communication from HSAPQ's Registered Agent.

* Ensure that HSAPQ remains in good standing as a Virginia for-profit corporation.

* Serve as the physical mailing address (either a P.O. Box or your physical address) for HSAPQ and register appropriately with your city, county, and/or state governments as necessary to run a home business.

* Other duties as may be required by your city, county, or state government, or the general course of business.

* Corporate Secretary work will amount to 3-4 hours of initial setup work and 1-2 hours per year of ongoing work.

As CFO, the chosen individual will be expected to:

* Send out bills to HSAPQ customers, who will include VHSL Conferences, VHSL Districts, tournament hosts, NASAT team organizers, and others who purchase question sets from HSAPQ. This will include providing W-9 forms and other documentation as requested by customers and their own systems.

* Write checks 3-6 times a year to HSAPQ writers, editors, and corporate officers.

* Pay all other bills HSAPQ may incur (or ensure their smooth payment through automatic/electronic means) -- bills paid electronically include HSAPQ's fax number, HSAPQ's domain name services, and HSAPQ's email and web hosting services.

* HSAPQ currently uses a CPA to prepare its annual taxes -- therefore, the CFO will be expected to either file taxes on their own or to provide required information to HSAPQ's tax preparation service. This will also include sending out 1099 forms to writers/editors who make over $600 a year.

* Other duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the business from a financial perspective.

* CFO work will amount to 2-10 hours a month of work.

Important: The above duties, especially those of the Corporate Secretary, are open to negotiation and can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


This will be in the form of a small base stipend ($300 a year) with the possibility of bonuses. This is somewhat open to negotiation especially if the CFO takes on additional responsibilities.


If applicants are unknown to the HSAPQ board, we may request some references to prove experience and qualifications for the job.


Questions about what exactly these duties entail can be directed to Shawn Pickrell, our outgoing CFO (shawn_pickrell AT hotmail DOT com).


Interested parties should contact myself (e-mail address in profile) and I will pass applications on to the board for review. Thanks for your consideration--please feel free to pass this job search on to people you think might be interested in this position.
Mike Cheyne
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