The State of Good Quizbowl, State-by-State

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Re: The State of Good Quizbowl, State-by-State

Postby Charlie and Lolcat » Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:20 am

As for the Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News area, as far as I remember, the individual VHSL districts place restrictions on competitions during the season, limited to five non-VHSL events. I am not sure if the restriction lasts all year, until VHSL State, or a team's elimination from VHSL play.

Nonetheless, Princess Anne and Warwick occasionally compete in Richmond or Charlottesville area events.

William & Mary hosts tournaments on a semi-regular basis (excluding VHSL State). Princess Anne and Ocean Lakes hosted NAQT competitions in the late 2000s, but haven't in a while. No other high school or college in the area has hosted anything that I am aware of.

When it comes to bad quizbowl, a few Newport News and Hampton schools go to Richmond for Battle of the Brains (as WAVY in Norfolk cancelled their version in 2009). Poquoson occasionally goes to NAC, and there appears to be some AUK competitions in Portsmouth (though these may cater to middle schools, but are on AUK's website anyway).

There is a lot of great potential in Hampton Roads, but it hasn't been fulfilled at all. I am not sure if those local district-imposed restrictions still exist (or their reason for existing), but am willing to research the area more.
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