PACE is accepting new member nominations

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PACE is accepting new member nominations

Postby Mike Bentley » Sun Jun 17, 2012 5:39 pm

Hi everyone, PACE is currently looking for new members to join the organization. If you know of anyone who exhibits one or more of the following qualities, I'd encourage you to send a nomination with the person's name, contact information, and a brief summary of their accomplishments to me at

We're looking for candidates who have graduated from high school and exhibit one or more of the following qualities:
1. Promotes and encourages the growth of quality high school invitational tournaments around the country.
2. Will help produce a great NSC through exemplary logistical or writing/editing skills.
3. Encourages innovation and creativity in academic competition.
4. Encourages participation of teams in tournaments across the country prior to regional, state, or national tournaments.
5. Some other skill that you think would be beneficial to the PACE organization.

Although there is not a formal restriction, PACE has (in the past few years at least) not included people who are directly involved in coaching a high school quizbowl team to avoid any conflicts of interest. One of the things I hope we do in the future is to work more closely with the great, hard-working quizbowl coaches in various circuits (perhaps through some alternate class of PACE membership), but for this nomination cycle I suspect we will continue this unofficial policy.

Please send in nominations no later than Tuesday, 6/19 (sorry for the short notice!).
Mike Bentley
Treasurer, Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence
Adviser, Quizbowl Team at University of Washington
University of Maryland, Class of 2008
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