IESA Advisory Committee Minutes

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IESA Advisory Committee Minutes

Postby the return of AHAN » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:53 pm

The following members were present for the meeting: Moderator: Jack Small, Ann Sullivan; Coaches: Jared
Ploger, Bolingbrook Jane Addams; Amy Mercer, Sparland Midland; Alison Wirth, Paris Mayo; Julie Quinn,
Manteno; Marian Cash, Paris Crestwood; Scott Larson, Willowbrook Westview Hills; and Administrator:
Timothy Haupt, Barrington Station.
Introductions were made and a review of the role of the advisory committee took place. The IESA Scholastic
Bowl Advisory Committee, in its meeting of June 2, makes the following recommendations to the IESA Board of
Directors for its June 17, 2011 meeting:
To Add to Terms and Conditions:
RECOMMENDATION: The Moderator's Table will be behind and between the competitor's tables facing the
fans. Coaches will be seated in the first row with remaining team members on either side. The coaches will be in
the middle facing the moderators table. A table can be provided for the coaches if there is enough room. Fans will
be seated behind the extra team members' row.
Rationale: Tweak to the room set-up change from last year. This was the format used at state and helped alleviate
some of the problems the moderators had with the other format. It also still allows the moderator to be aware of
everything else in the room.

Would love to know what those problems were. Could it be the arrangement prescribed for this year had players facing AWAY from the moderator?
The following recommendations are changes in the IESA Rule Book:
Recommendation: 5-4-7 Articles are not required, but if they are given then the article must be correct.
Rationale: General rule clarification.
Recommendation: 5-1-4 Note: For systems that recognized two individuals the system must be reset by
the moderator to allow the other team to respond.
Rationale: This note will help clarify the rule process for moderators.

I had forgotten about this one. When we played at Wauconda this year, their Zeecraft system had the blinking light for 2nd place and lo and behold if their mod didn't stick to it, not allowing a chance to hear the rest of the question on the rebound. :lol:
Recommendation: 5-2-1d2 The answer must be stated within three seconds after the individual has been
verbally recognized by the moderator.
Rationale: This covers how the process is currently being interpreted.
1. Room Set-up
2. Sportsmanship
3. Crowd Noise during matches
Additional Items Discussed
1. 2012 Fall Workshop was discussed and the committee came up with some great suggestions of topics.
2. Casebook Scenarios:
a. Penalty for answering out of order.
b. Prompting scenario – Roosevelt, fictional characters, math units.
c. Clarification timeout to question an answer. Bold in initial scenario.
d. Lockout system suggestions turn off recognition of 2nd individual.
3. The new state site and time schedule were discussed. The committee had positive feedback on both.
4. Explanation of how assignments are made by the IESA
5. Rule Book
a. Prompting was discussed and the committee made no change to IESA rules.
b. Fictional Characters
c. Clarification Timeouts to questions answers discussed and no change.
d. Conferring during a bonus and leaving your seat at the table to gather behind teammates was
discussed and there is currently no rule that does not allow this so there was no change.

Is this an issue? Are people complaining? My teams have done it for ages.
e. Team uniforms were discussed, but no changes made.

This would have been one of the more hilariously bad rule adoptions in the history of the activity. I mean, who'd do such a thing? Oh, wait... :oops:
f. Potential IHSA rule changes were discussed, but no changes made.

Is this really all the treatment my proposal got? About the same discussion as a matching tops rule? Are we serious here? Or is that the matching tops rule is precisely WHY my proposal got no play? That is, did someone say, "Do we really want to model ourselves after the IHSA? They have a 30 point penalty for non-matching tops... How reasonable can they really be?"
6. Slammer Systems has offered to add a section to their website for teams that can conduct online matches
with their systems.
Pairings were drawn for the 2013 state finals.
Class A
Pool A C, D, E, F
Pool B A, B, G, H
Class AA
Pool A A, C, F, H
Pool B B, D, E, G
Recognition of Service: Jared Ploger has completed his three year commitment to the Advisory Committee. Her
dedication to the activity and the IESA is greatly appreciated.

I haven't met Jared Ploger, but I feel safe betting Jared is a" he".
Jeff Price, Barrington Station Middle School Coach (2013 MSNCT Champions, 2013 & 2017 Illinois Class AA State Champions)
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