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Reporting Posts

Post by Cheynem » Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:58 am

This is a friendly suggestion by a moderator to stop frivolously reporting posts. Now, if you have reported a post do not think this is intended a slam at you necessarily, hear me out first.

You should report posts if they are in direct violation of explicit rules (i.e., no signatures, content-less or extremely off topic posts, posts that spoil question content, etc.). It is always okay to report such posts and that is appreciated.

It is not okay to report posts for the following reasons:

-you find the post stupid or annoying
-you find the post is not properly engaging a thread (this is different than being off topic)
-you are trying to score a rhetorical point by claiming some post may be violating the rules when it's unclear if it is
-you think someone was mean to you (unless they are explicitly violating a rule)

Keep in mind that in a public forum as this, there will be plenty of stupid, mean, and annoying posts. That is not inherently the goal of the board moderators to police. We will try to keep things more or less on topic and uphold basic standards of conversation.

Also keep in mind that it is generally unproductive to reference previous moderating decisions as most of the time you are dealing with a different moderator and context.

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