Round Robin Schedules

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Round Robin Schedules

Post by mithokie » Fri Oct 24, 2008 2:48 pm

I have been working on making scheduling tournaments easier for myself, and I realized that what I was doing might be useful to other tournament directors out there. This should be particularly handy if you have a last minute addition or no show and need to re-do schedules at the last minute. I made this spreadsheet where you simply need to type team names and a few other pieces of information in the appropriate places and then "voila" you have a round-robin schedule that you can print and copy in very little time. I have included 5 to 10 team schedules as that should cover most quizbowl tournaments that use pooled round robin play. I will upload this so anyone who would like to use it can.

Click Here for the Spreadsheet

If anybody has time to look through it; I certainly would not mind having some eyes look over it to make sure that I did not make any terrible mistakes.

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